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Hey guys just thought I would add a few things. I just completed the conversion myself.

Here is what I did. I have highlighted the ponits that people doubted.

- R33 GTS-T Gear box,

- NA VL sandwich plate.

- VLT drive shaft

- VLT speedo drive - And my speedo seems to still read spot on.

- R32 starter motor - which is the same as the NA VL one I belive

- My VLT 10" Flywheel and clutch DID fit straight in and it did NOT touch the bell housing at all.

- Had to use big spacers between the cross member and the floorpan.

- My VLT shifter DID fit straight in. You just have to swap the whole thing over including the plastic bit the metal ball sits in - no idea what its called. And now my shifter sits in the exact spot my old one did.

- I used the R33 slave but the clutch line DID NOT fit in at all. The fitting on the R33 slave was a banjo style fitting and the VLT hydraulic clutch line has a stadard screw in style fitting. I had to have a whole new line made.
As stated above the clutch is now much heavier using the smaller R33 slave but nothing to be of concern

I absolutely love it. Nicest box I have EVER driven with. And it hasn't self destructed yet.

I think that was it.

Anymore questions and feel free to P.M me or leave a question here.
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