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ok.. lets get this straight once a for all.
Only this morning & from someone posting the above trading post ad, was i able to make further enquiries.

I did what i had to do to get that mobile number to call the person who listed the ad.

Rang the number, it was answered by a woman, had a chat with her.... SHE & HER HUSBAND used that ad to sell the car to the guy that i bought it from( he told me a complete bull**** story about how he came about the car which she confirmed this morning) he had the car for about a week before listing it... i wanted a vl turbo at the time & hastily bought it..... this guy made a very quick back after i now know the real price that he paid for it... i paid double...BUT... it was what i was willing to pay for the car...SIMPLE..... a person can sell & buy a car for whatever they like.... regardless.... I mean the VK GROUP A Group3 thats in my avatar sold for $227,000 & i only paid $30 grand for it..... if people want a certain something, they'll pay a certain price for it.

The lady was very apologetic of what has happened as she & her husband were under th impression the ads had been removed..... & to these other pricks that have put up another ad on gumtree trying to rubbish me.... BOYS... TAKE A GOOD HARD LOOK AT YOURSELVES... AND FIND SOMETHING BETTER TO DO WITH YOUR TIME OTHER THAN LOOK FOR CONSPIRACY THEORIES!!.

The price is $12, 500 with a RWC or $12,000 Without.... THE END.
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