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no it's a calais not a vl
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r u talking RB25de auto, yes, that arn't that much more, RB25DET with 5 speed manual, your looking closer to 4 Grand with wiring loom etc.,
If u can get it for $2500 your going well.

If u are going to get the engine wire loom package, it's very easy to bolt up,

Depending on what car you have,

If u have a VL /NA 5 Speed it's a piece of piss
VL Turbo, change yok
Auto's no idea sorry

My mate brought the engine of sss automotive
He brought the wiring diagram for a RB20DET into VL from Japanese Automotive ?? (the ones that advertise in Zoom) $150 and takes about 3 hours 2 do your self, very simple

I have a VL Turbo body, i had to change my Tail shaft yoke Change the dump pipe of the RB30et bolted straight up to my RB20DET couldn't believe it!
I got my Injectors Cleaned, new thermo stat, oil filter Timing Belt etc, new clutch, RB30e Flywheel Machined,

think all up cost me about $3 and a bit, i didn't have intercooler, just ran the turbo to inlet manifold and standard boost,

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