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It's been a hectic month, that's for sure.

Car went back on the dyno a few days after it was started, it didn't quite perform as we wanted and didn't respond well to boost what so ever, it just seemed choked up.

Head came off and was sent away and got machined to take 1mm oversize valves, and I ordered a new TX2 cam from Crow along with valve springs to suit.

Slapped engine back together with some new gaskets etc. and fired it up.

It picked up an additional 30 rwhp on gate pressure with the new cam and valve combo compared to before, and seemed a fair bit happier.

The Engine has now done just over 500kms, and last night I took it down to the drags to see how she was going, with 19psi of boost, I managed an 11.38 @ 121mph with a 1.80 60, so not great driving from my part, but very happy either way, haven't driven the car in ages, and it is a new PB for myself and the car.

Will be putting some more kms on it and make sure everything is sweet before we start pushing more boost in it, so just time to enjoy and get some seat time now I believe =)
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