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Ferodo's are crap to say the least...

As for the pads i use, Bendix a good... i have used a brand called Annis, the're race pads and work like a charm BUT they'll kill a set of discs quickly.

Those Ferodo's are made in Thailand I doubt they would be any good, cheap ****.
NO!! Ferodo's are brilliant!
If you get the cheap ****ty Ferodo Zero's, yes, they suck....but what do you expect from a $30 set of pads! (they are probably just as good as any other brand around that price too).

A friend has a set of DS2500's in his Liberty RS rallycar, excellent pedal feel from cold, and they repeatedly stop the fat arsed Liberty (all 1400kg's) like its hit a brick wall, with absolutley no fade, even after 40km stages...I know of a few other people who swear by them too, and they are cheaper than the equivalent Pagids etc.

Yes, they might cost a little more than a set of bendix pads, but their performance is about 300% better! As with most things in life, you get what you pay for.
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