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Originally Posted by madrx3boy
if i do find a vlt or a vl v8 one, but its not lsd, i could just take it to a diff shop and get them to fit lsd centre to it am i correct?
Yes you can get a diff shop to put LSD in either 28 spline (VLT/V8) or 25 spline (N/A 6). I doubt you will find a VLT diff and "if" you find VL V8 diff you will also need to change the diff gears as 3.08 is way to long

Originally Posted by madrx3boy
could i replace all the centres and axles etc with 28spline stuff ie would the 28spline stuff fit/bolt in to the 25spline housing?
Yes you can do that. However 28 spline axles are hard to come by in NZ

Originally Posted by madrx3boy
even if i just know for sure from you guys what parts i need then i can just take it all to a diff shop to get it done - those two words shimming and backlash send shivers down my spine every time i read them in a thread lol.
Your best bet is to ring Tony at Steelie Gears (09 276 6297). He rebuilt my diff with 28 spline axles, 4 spider VR SS LSD and 3.45 gears for around $1,000. Thats with me taking the diff down to him out of the car

If you have less than 150rwkw I would just get him to put an LSD and disk brakes on your 25 spline diff
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