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Originally Posted by helmet
Hey Blownba, would you consider a '72 Cutlass with a big block Olds an 'odd setup'? LOL!

I'm definitely interested. A 468 CID 12.3:1 V8 engine with a single plane intake and a big hydraulic roller wouldn't be a problem, right?

Yeah i can do it, BUT
You would need to run a aftermarket sequential injection ECU like the Profire ECU.
That means fitting various engine sensors for the ECU. You need a crank angle sensor, cam position sensor, coolant temp, intake temp, TPS sensor (if you run a EFI hardware throttle body, which you will need to in the place of a carby, it has a TPS and a idle speed motor incorperated) knock sensor..... to name a few. And then all that need to be wired up.
And then there is a few choices with the ignition system. The Profire ECU will run any type of ignition you can imagine, the best of which, IMO, would be to run 8 Gen 3 coil on plug coil packs.
So as you can imagine there is ALOT of wiring involved to get all that done, and that translates into Dollars.
When you think a standard install of liquid injection on a EFI vehicle exceeds $4500 in its most basic configuration, then you factor in a ECU and wiring. You are gonna be up for heaps.
But at the end you will have the absolute ultimate in performance LPG, bar none!!!

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