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Restoring your VL's Headlights

I did lot of mucking around trying to find a pair of new genuine lights for a realistic price without any success, so I decided to get some TYC headlights ($99 ebay) and put genuine lenses on them (around $80-130) to give it some of that nice new car feel and retain some sort of factory look, at a reasonable price.

After reading about some common complaints to do with the TYC's general build quality however, (rattling, adjusters coming off etc..) I thought about re-chroming the original lenses but had no luck finding someone who could do this (if someone does, the following may still be helpful).

Someone on here (can't remember who, but full credit to him for the idea) mentioned swapping the reflectors over with the aftermarket ones, so I thought I'd give it a go....

Some of this is obvious stuff, but I wanted to make it real simple

Basically all I used from the TYCs was the reflective lenses and the screws that hold the adjusters and ball joint thingys on, but not the actual ball joint/adjusters themselves.

First you'll need to dismantle and clean the old lights and dismantle the new ones. Begin by taking all the globes out and remove the wiring harness. the park bulb holder and grommet can be brittle so take care not to break it as they can be quite stubborn. It should look like this when its out..

Then remove the lens retaining clips off like so....

Next you'll need to undo the two adjusters all the way. There's 2 little knob things on the back to do this. They also have an allen key socket built in which might make it quicker to undo. When they're off, you'll find a ball joint that is the final thing holding the lens in. Just pull on the back to pop the ball joint off, It may take a bit of your reflector is out! NOTE: Make sure you handle the reflector as little as necessary! You will want it as clean as possible to prevent little hot spots of dust etc. wearing it prematurely, and it's a bitch to clean anything off it without marking it a little

Give the inside of the housing a good clean and repeat this process with the new light. You should have both reflectors in front of you now. Note the position of the rubber bit and grommet on the top (TYC) one and the quality difference between the two (GM one is heaps better made )

This is what the old one looked like inside though..

Next we remove the three screws holding the 2 adjusters and ball joint...
...and swap them over. Just make sure you use the screws that came with the lens as they are not quite the same thread and size, oh and use the original little bit of rubber that keeps the lens from moving within the body.

Install the reflector the reverse of how it was removed...

...Then you can re attach the glass lens. I cleaned and re-used the original seal but the TYC ones would probably be fine as well. I found that the clips were best fitted by attaching the glass side first, so as to avoid any potential damage to the glass.

Finally, re install the wiring/globes.

Voila! Fresh, original looking headlights.(Whoops, I still need to remove all the ****ty red overspray )

Now is a good time to change the globes to some more modern looking white beam globes if you're like me and hate the yellow that is normally emitted from these things. I bought some led parkers and some (Tungsram?) H4 plus 50's for $35. Phillips bluevision seem to be the best choice but are a fair bit more.

Hope some of you find this helpful. Feel free to add your suggestions and comments
W.T.B. MOMO "RACE" 350mm steering wheel in good condition
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