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The following information is designed to answer some of the questions that could arise if you are considering supercharging a 3 litre Nissan 6 cylinder engine.
The CRS kit is a totally bolt on deal and will totally clear everything in a VL Commodore.
The kit will not fit with the power steering and air conditioning in the factory location.
The blower will boost around 10 p.s.i.
A decompression plate is supplied to maximise performance.
The use of Premium fuel with the fitting of water injection would be required if a decompression plate was not fitted.
The blower is driven by a suppled "A" section belt from the standard crank pulley.
A blower pressure gauge is supplied.
The throttle body is removed and a crossover pipe fitted between the blower and stock manifold.
No blow-off valve is supplied or found to be necessary.
All mounting brackets are suppled and a belt tensioner is built into one of the mounting brackets.
A supplied manifold bolts to the blower and allows the stock throttle body to be bolted directly onto it along with the stock air flow meter as well as a supplied cable bracket and a supplied air cleaner.
The blowers are fully checked and guaranteed.
Fitting instructions are supplied.
We have been testing the kit on a VL Nissan and everything has proven 100% reliable and dyno runs have been performed with the below results (see graph to left). On a totally stock motor with only the decompression plate fitted an 80kw reading went to 110kw with no computer modifications. No other modifications have been tested.

As previously stated the kits come 100% complete and will cost approximately $1800.00.
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