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Went to Lonsdale UPI today. Wow what a joke of a joint. The place is 1/8th the size it use to be. Nothing is in any form of order or anything. Quite disappointing i use to love the old UPI. Didnt stop me from spending almost 2 hours there today though lol.

Heads up for you guys. If anyone's needs the following.

Theres a brand new set of front rotors on a white VL
A set of wagon roof racks and mint rear door gas struts. Red car.
There was also a brand new Alternator on another VL.
Also some sideskirts similar to the aero style. White VL

Overall theres only about 6 VL's on the lot.

But if you need a set of Venetians for a xf falcon wagon there's about 3 sets there lol.
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