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I think there will need to be some rules set down - some of you may reconise these rules from other forums/cruises, and i think these rules make a good SAFE cruise.


We will have a certain number of cars with UHF CB Radios. Before we depart from the Hypermarket carpark, cars will be split up into smaller groups led by a car with a CB Radio. This is for your own safety... Please Bring a CB Radio (handheld/in-car) if you have one. I am hoping that each "mini convoy" will have a leader with a CB radio and 3 to 6 cars in total.

Hoons and idiots are not welcome on this cruise. Any disturbances and you will be asked to leave. Speeding / Dangerous driving and OVERTAKING will not be tolerated. The rules sound harsh but it is for the safety of the convoy. Please act sensibly, it is NOT a street race.




1. Car Clubs in Australia are bound to promote and adhere to safe driving on public roads.

2. On any social drive, there will be varying degrees of driver competence and it is imperative that no driver should ever feel threatened by the speed of the convoy. The leader must adjust convoy speeds accordingly.

3. Social drives are not an excuse for a road race and there should be time to observe the scenery. Attendees who would like to drive at higher speeds always have the opportunity to drive the route themselves at a later date.

4. It has been proven that, if these rules are not adhered to, some members will not continue to attend club activities and some potential members will not join the club.

5. The convoy leader should ensure that each car has a copy of the run route or instructions for the drive.

General Rules of Convoy Driving

1. Keep the car behind you in sight at all times. If this basic rule is followed, nobody should get lost and the speed of the convoy will be self-regulated.

2. Keep a 2 - 3 second safety margin between all cars - a multiple pile-up of cars is not a pretty sight. As a general rule-of-thumb, no overtaking should occur in convoy driving.

3. Indicate intentions early - ie. At least 30 metres before changing lane or direction.

4. If driving along suburban roads, it is likely that cars towards the end of the convoy will get 'left behind' at traffic signals. It is important that lead cars reduce speed or pull over to reform the convoy at the first 'safe' area after the lights in question. If this does not happen, drivers may break traffic rules in order to catch up with the main group. This is not acceptable.

5. When two or more traffic lanes are available at traffic lights, cars should use all lanes to get through the lights and then reform into original convoy order.

6. If the convoy holds up the general public, drivers should pull over and allow the public to pass safely. Under no circumstances should the general public be intimidated by our driving.
Opinions ? Suggestions ?

Should i make a new topic under cruises with these rules in it as sticky ?
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