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Got mine wired up, basically joined spade terminals onto the gearbox plug and then cut and joined the wires from the loom to the plug.

My reverse lights work, and so does the dash light. But only kind of. If I go into reverse and push the gearstick a little away from me, to the passenger side, the lights work. but if I pull it towards the drivers side the lights don't work.

Is the switch probably worn? (If so, I'll live with it, I know when the lights are on because the dash is on, so its ok.) Not keen on pulling the box just to change the switch.
Does anyone know how exactly it's activated? Is it off the shifter? because I did have to open the shifter and **** around in there when I munched the nylon bush shifting like a hektic c**t at barbagallo. Maybe I did something then that I could undo to make the switch not be so sh*t?
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