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I was actually asking if we should do it again and you guys said no, i remember asking a few people. So I guess that idea is out the window.

Next cruise will be HUGE!!!! Keep your eyes open, pics of todays cruise will be up very shortly... Brace yourselves.

One more thing... I hope you guys appreciate all this stuff, I mean if someone says some things like the 'cruise was S-H-I-T' or 'theres not enough cars, there should be more' or something (and yes i have heard it before) you can just go jump into the river. I mean you guys try to run a whole club yourself and only yourself from the ideas, to making and keeping a website up to date, taking and putting the photos in the internet (and wiping out the plates of every car), thinking of new routes for cruises, typing them up and prinnting them... etc.

I started this club from nothing. Just a little idea in my head so I put it into action and yes it took off. I think that in itself is a big achievement. I sometimes also hear from a pew people saying to me 'thanks for the cruise', or 'thanks for organising it' and I do thank those people.

I just wrote that to clear things up, I hope you see where I am coming from from my point of view, it's easy to just be a cruiser and say stupid comments, and those of you think I bolted cos I couldnt be stuffed today going for the rest of the cruise, you are wrong. It was that I wasnt feeling well from the scorching weather, I see my health more important then slugging out the rest of a cruise.

Anyways... See you all on the next one... and thanks for attending today

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