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Wiring Diagrams

Originally Posted by PROGMH
I thought I would put all of the info from alot of threads together so that people can use this instead of starting 5+ threads a week asking the same questions!
Can this be made a sticky in the V8 Section
Its not all my work but I grabbed alot of info off everyone - so thankyou to those who have previously helped out - mainly CHEETR

The things you will need to put an injected 5 litre into a VL are:

- EFI 5.0 + TH700 auto
- K Frame (VL or VN V8 - VN V8 one is cheaper)
- 1inch Master cylinder
- Headers
- Exhaust (exhaust shop)
- Engine Loom (VN V8)
- Radiator (VL V8)
- Cold air intake (optional)
- Tail shaft (Custom or use a V8 TH700 front tail shaft and a VL rear tailshaft - can anyone confirm this?)
- VN V8 accelerator cable (you may need to cut it to fit)
- you may also need to swap the body loom as some v6 ones arnt the same

also when going through the trouble of doing this i usually buy all this gear aswell for it

- New engine mounts (VL V8)
- New crossmember mount for the gearbox (VN V8)
- new plugs
- new leads
- New dizzy cap
- Coolant for the radiator
- new Pulley belts
- New Panel Filter
- Flush the radiator
- clean the throttle body out
- Dump the oil and put new gear in
- Service the tranny, can buy tranny service kits if its a auto.

If you're going for the TH700 then youll need to beat the floor up a little to fit it as its a larger box than the ones VL's had.

You may also need to get a VN V8 dash as it has the speed sensor in it that the auto elec will need to make things work - saves buying the part that replaces it for over $200! You dont need to install a VN dash into your VL but you will need the speed sensor that is in the VN dash for everything to be wired up correctly. If you dont have one of these its just another cost when you see an auto electrician and they need to purchase the part that does the speed sensors job. (Cant remember what its for or what its called... can someone help?)

Youll need to run a fuel return line to the tank / surge tank if you dont already run EFI.
If you're running an N/A 3 litre then you will need to upgrade the brakes to VL turbo or VL V8 or better as well as upgrade suspension to handle the extra weight and power of the replacement motor.

If starting with a VL V8 you will need to move your battery to either the boot or to the other side of the bay because it will get in the way of the EFI 5.0 air box.

This info is the same for VN - VT 5 litre conversions of both Holden and HSV motors!

If I've missed something please let me know or if you have any tips and Ill add them. It just saves us reading a heap of threads and answering the same questions on a daily basis!
If someone has a step by step picture sequence then pass them onto me and ill work them into it.

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