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ok guys iam not being a racist or anything but out 2day with the miss
when a white vlc with twin throts sticking through the bonnet pulls up next to me on rosana rd watsonia, i have a look , froff , tell the miss thats mad , look at the driver and died !!! a bloody turban !!! yep thats right a indian in his pretty wild vl with his turban on cruzin the streets , behind him a blue vt ss slamed on g8's with turban no2 in there , next to me on the other side a red vk calais 5.0L with some aussie guy trippn out just as much as me , so at this stage iam thinkin iam still seeing things from last night

we take off from the lights i give them the thumbs up launch it past them in the xw and thats it (they didnt wana play)

i never thought ill see the day i would see what we saw 2day

we took a pic and as soon as i get my cable ill upload it for you guys

the purpose of this thread is we have handed somthing down not only to the younger generation but the people of punjab
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