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Why arn't people doing 396ci holden strokers?


My question as it is in the title..... why arn't there many people out there doing 396 holden stroker motors? Who has tried or knows a mate with one? how is it?

Im considering building a motor with comeracing 600hp alloy heads and was going to do a 383 but i thought well.... im going
to be going 4 bolt mains and a crank gurdle, why not try go for a 396 crank?
i have been looking on the net and there is only a handfull of cars out there with them, no one seem to say they have seen or heard of one blowing up? or throwing a rod?
For clearence..what if you had a series 3 Inj 5L or stroker block from a vt?
would you need to cut in so much......

Anyone got any feedback?
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