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In QLD, I belive (best check with engineer first though) you can go up to 427 legally... so a LSX 427 will be fine to go into a VL, but the LSX 454 is not. (The 454 was only barely legal to go into the VT! lol)

Any LS motor up to 427 (7.0L) can be done. Even if you go LS2, or LS3 with a few mods (cam, heads, tune) - you'll easily out perform a 396, be more reliable.

Coverting a VL to LS will obviously cost a little bit (mounts, starter relocation, gearbox mounts, electrics, tailshaft, etc) - but you would enjoy the end result alot more.

Don't let me stop you going to a 396 from the Holden 5L if thats what you really want. But it is hard to go past just how easily the LS engines make power, and fairly cheaply aswell.
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