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QLD engine transplant rules for mod code LA2 (performance engine replacement) for vehicles originally over 1100kg are:
N/A -> Max cc = 5.0 x weight of car in kg. (1400 x 5.0 = 7000, or 7.0L)
Boosted -> Max cc = 3.0 x weight of car in kg. (1400 x 3.0 = 4200, or 4.2L)

Note - if going boosted - you can do Mod code LA1 for similar engine (up to 20% bigger than factory which is up to 6.0L for VL as it came with 5.0L), and then do a code LA3 which is addition of Turbo or Supercharger. So effectivly can have a maximum of a 6.0L boosted engine in a VL.. Legally.

Oh.. also of note - the max engine sizes above are "Recomendations Only"... If you can convince the engineer that a larger engine is a good idea, and they sign off on it - it is still legal.

This may come in handy :
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