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FWIW i HATE the bolt holding the oil feed banjo into the block

who does the braided turbo lines for oil and water. i want them. these solid lines are ****. 6 hours on one bolt and the ****er is STILL NOT ON

all done. it runs (kind of). i started mid friday arvo, 15 hours yesterday and 6 today. all up - a solid 24 hours worth of effort (one guy) plus it involved a head swap as well
my timing is out (by alot) - i counted 53 teeth but i think the dizzy is not centering correctly - i've marked cyl 1 on the dizzy housing but when i install the dizzy into the head, the rotor is pointing miles off cyl 1 and to drag it back to where it needs to be i then can't bolt the dizzy up...

but i broke my CAS plug so yeah not doing a whole heap of much of anything now....

PS : advice for doing up the oil feed bolt to the block - undo the fitting FROM the turbo first, then, do up the fitting on the block THEN do the fitting up on the top of the turbo. its a 13mm ring/open ender...


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