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Originally Posted by OVL01
Someone asked how to change gear ratio's. This is done by changing the entire diff centre. Different diffs have different ratios. If you put in (for example) a diff with 4.11 gears, then you will accelerate quicker, but have a slower top speed. Thats why someone said they sit on 3500rpm at 100km/h instead of around 2400rpm with the standard 3.08.
Everthing is true in that entire post mate, except the standard VL 6cyl's have a stock ratio of 3.45:1 already, its the v8's (except walkinshaw) that have the 3.08:1 ratio. You are correct though, you get a quicker take off speed (so it feels like you have heaps more power), but you lose your top end speed. The higher the ratio, the lower your top speed (before the thing is revving off its t**s.


EDIT: sorry, even the walkinshaw has 3.08:1, it was the VN SS Group A that has the 3.45:1.

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