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Originally Posted by JuZi
dont change ur diff ratio and converter on a stock n/a, its not worth the trouble!

as a diff ratio, the larger the better, 3.9:1 or 4.11:1 but these ratios will really ruin your car's fuel economy but it will be a fair deal quicker.

the auto should hold up fine with a high stall converter, stock stall is 2200, so maybe somewhere between 2500 and 3500 will be good for most vl's, a shift kit would help the auto shift better, no hard would be done.

but you got urself a stock auto, definitely not worth spending the money unless ur planning on sumtin big and sum quick times, maybe just stick to engine mods and the shift kit for now, the diff and converter come later wen ur pulling quick times and not really streeting the car
cool thanks, im planning on eventually running mid 14s N/A, is this realistic with an auto? ifso, any ideas on what i will need? and some rough price estimates? thanks
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