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couple of little changes to the wagz. i have upgraded the brakes to vt calipers on the front with braided lines and vlt brakes on the rear rather than the ****ty drums i had. it pulls up so much better. ive moved the fuse box into the glove box(still trying to neaten that up) and trying to get jdcustoms to make me a catch can to go where the fuse box was. added a 3" front pipe wanting to finish the rest off adventually as its only 2.5". and i have put on a xf throttle body wasnt that hard to fit but setting the tps is a prick still dont have it spot on. but noticed the difference straight away is heaps more responsive. and ive ordered the rear bar again cos i got stuffed around by ASV for 3 months so ive gone through SVE and ill be getting a mate to paint and fit it. and ive bought a new overflow bottle and polished bonnet catch and spring going to get polished bolts for the front quarter panels in the bay.

cheers ill post pics soon.
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