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Just for anyone who cares, I've been playing around with the sticker bit that comes with the rare spares kit...I stuck it to a spare black garnish and started trying to polish it.

This is very much like the stickers on what I think may be the earlier calais garnishes (the ones that tend to fade to a more yellow than green with age and are less common) as the locating holes are further in and it is harder to polish up (they come with a very flat finish ) which is how I've found previous ones of this type I've restored. They are also more brittle than the other type of stickers, which doesn't matter...yet. Give it 20 years of sun.

Having said that, I'm fairly convinced these might actually be an exact copy of the originals... at least in the type of material although unfortunately not the of the better version.

This is the new sticker as included in the rare spares kit. The only fault I see is the sharp angle where the bottom of the S goes..It's normally smoother.Note also the duller finish (I'm convinced it will polish up good with a heavier polish than my trusty meguiers plastix) and the position of the locating holes.

The following 2 are an old one with the same locating holes (lets call it the type 1). They too are harder to polish, go more yellow than green and look like this when they get old...

Here is a shot of the 2 types of ORIGINAL badges with their different spacings

And this is the more common "Type 2" sticker. Goes pale green, (you can see the difference between the two sides where I've started to clean it up vs how it was) seems more flexible and easy to polish and has the wider spacing for the badge holes
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