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Update: The Good, The Bad, and The Frustrating

Here's the completed dash.....

However, the LED I was supplied from China is negative polarity for some of the PINS whereas the sourcecode is written for positive polarity.


So we're wiring and fitting everything any way and using another LED that has the right polarity for benchtesting purposes.

I've gone back to the manufacturer in China to get the right one.

As for the unit we made ourselves, we accidentally shorted some transistors through some soldering bleed that we didn't pick up. The holes were separated by about a micron on the board and we just didn't pick this up even when checking this the third time..

As the LED in the dash in held in by friction, it will be a 5 min job to swap it all around.

We are doing tests using a transformer Sunday to see how bright the LED actually is. But in the meantime our objective before I leave the UK is to get everything working and install the sensor above the tailshaft, put the magnets onto the tailshaft.

I should get my super bright LEDs from Queensland (yeah, don't laugh) for the analogue backlighting this morning or tomorrow and regardless, Sunday, the dash will be back in my car.

Update: NEW ITEM - Engine Bay / Paint

After a chat with my engine builder yesterday, I've decided to rip out the engine and get the engine bay re-sprayed and engine looking like it rolled off the production line. I was a bit disheartened by the peanut who degreased my engine bay with an acid based degreaser in October.

Car is also going back to the panelbeaters to get her back to where she was two years ago. All tee'd up and will be completed before Easter this year.

Update: Shift Light / Gear Indicator

Powered this on for the first time yesterday. Selected green as a background colour. Forgot to take pics but am hoping this is installed Sunday. Need someone with a dremel though to cut a bit more out of my dash as the thing won't fit in the hole these behind that panel to the left of the steering column right now. For the naysayers, we postioned it anyway and the shiftlight is VERY BRIGHT and easily visible when looking straight ahead as the colour changes between gears are quite distinctive. Now got to get some mock up HDT decals made up.

Geez I've spent over $500 just on decals this time around. Got a lot made up and reproduced.

I'm in Oz for another 5 days so trying to get as much done as possible before I go.

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