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Lotus Carlton... Twin Turbo...

3.6i 24V (3615cc) Cat generating 377 PS (281kW) @ 5200 rpm and 419.0 lb.ft. (568Nm) of torque @ 4200 rpm. 6-cylinder, dual overhead camshaft, 24 valve alloy cylinder head, twin turbo intake system, hydraulic tappets, 12 crankshaft counterbalance weights and twin thermostatically controlled engine oil coolers. Two Garrett T25 turbochargers providing to 0.7bar boost. Delco distributorless engine management system. Activated charcoal evaporation control canister. Two metallic monolith 3-way catlytic converters and Lambda sensor. Compression ratio 8.2:1.

From a Lotus Carlton web site:
The Lotus Carlton was a Vauxhall Carlton saloon modified by Lotus into a 176+mph Supercar. Like all Lotus vehicles, it was given a type designation (Type 104 in this case). The car was only sold in one colour, Imperial Green, a very dark green that in anything but direct light appears black & this covers its bespoke Lotus designed bodykit. Other Lotus modifications included an upgraded engine, which was stroked from the standard Vauxhall 3L 6 cylinder, used in the GSi, to a capacity of 3615 cc. Lotus then added twin Garrett T25 turbochargers to give 377 hp (557 Nm). A six-speed manual ZF transmission from a Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 was used to transfer this power to the rear wheels. The car was capable of 0-60 mph in 4.8seconds and had massive 12.5 in (330 mm) AP ventilated disc brakes with AP racing callipers all round so it could still stop with all its new-found power. As well as being sold as the Vauxhall Lotus Carlton in the UK, it was sold in Europe as the Opel Lotus Omega. Production of the Lotus Carlton began in 1990, four years after the original Carlton went on sale. General Motors (the parent company) had hoped to build 1,100 cars in total, but due to the recession of the early 1990s, the 48,000 cars were not selling as well & production stopped at Lotus in December 1992. Only 950 were completed, 284 Vauxhalls Carlton's & 666 Opel Omega's, 150 short of the original target. The car is now readily recognised as having classic car status which was no doubt in part helped by the adverse publicity surrounding the car at its launch. This was primarily due to its high top speed & its ability to comfortably seat 4 passengers plus luggage.

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