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Location: Melbourne, Westside
Car: Datto/HZJ80R
Trader Rating: (8)
1x 17" tyre, around 70% tread with slight camber wear on the edge. Continental 225/45 zr17

1x vt v8 brake booster

1x ea/eb 14" stocky bald tyre

1x tr/ts magna 14" stocky bald tyre

2x VP RH guards, one white off a ute, no mould v6 badge. One blue off an s pack, clear peeling s/ss mould 3.8 badge.

in vic western suburbs, wont post, pickup only.

Pm me if you want anything as i wont check here.
Always late in my 3.8!
Terribly slow in my 5.0!

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