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Hey everyone, just letting everyone know the membership details are now available, PM or Email me your details (list below) and I will send you what you need.

Which Membership, what you get, and how much.

Official Members $10 (yearly)

-Ad's between the first and second posts removed
-Increased PM space – 300
-Access to the Members lounge (by far the best part of the site)
-Access to Geek Central (PC help, links to games, Games info and anything else PC/Game Consol related)
-Access to Comedy Central
-Access to the Members Market + more
-An “Official Member” Tag under your name
-Larger Avatar (170x170)
-Ability to Post in the Newsletters section, Readers rides and Official CT Cars section
-Ability to attach images in posts (no need to load them to a web page)
-Ability to change the (Player) tag under your name to whatever you want
-Discount at our sponsors (ones shown above, and a few more on the way)
-Membership Card

Gold Official Member $20 (yearly)

-Everything that Official Members get plus
-No Google Advertising anywhere on the forum.
-Increased PM space - 800
-A Gold “Official Member” Tag under your name

If you have just recently become a member and want to upgrade to Gold, I will figure out how many months you have left and work out a price to upgrade. (0.83 cents per month’ish.)

What I need from you, (just copy and paste this into a PM/email fill it out and send it to me)

Have You Read The Disclamer?: (at the bottom of this post)
First Name:
Last Name:
Login Name: (i.e. SirGeo)
Address: (so I know where to send membership cards)
Which Membership: (Normal or Gold)
Wanted Emails: Anything you want, but we recommend your username
Contact Number: (Optional)
How Can you pay: (Direct Deposit, Money Order, PayPal, Other?)

*The email address you request can be anything you want within reason. If we feel it is inappropriate we will ask you to choose something else.

You can PM me this info and I will process ASAP.

These details will not be released to anyone. All confidentiality is guaranteed.

*All current memberships will be honored until they run out.

And to Quote the God-Father of this site, as I can’t say it any better,

Originally Posted by Sin
Have you ever sold or bought anything on the forums which has saved you more than $10? Have you ever found some advise on the forums which has saved you seeing a mechanic or told you where to find a part cheaper or saved you time locating a problem? Then why not support the website? All it costs is $10. Really, that's not very much these days. It's almost the price of a magazine in the shop, and this lasts all year, and you get nearly as many articles as well! And you will be supporting a community that supports you.
All money goes towards the site, to help with running costs, future promotions, and hopefully a few giveaways.


Steve (aka SirGeo) is a proud user of and the fantastic services they provide at very reasonable prices. Currently running a huge special for members, for inquires send platinum a PM.

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