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Originally Posted by Xibit0r View Post
Mk2 Escort Skid Pig
TC Cortina Skid Pig
88 VL BT1 5ltr - 1st car when got licence - Must be an old thread somewhere
Mustant Shaped Celica
White 87 Exec
Green 87 Exec
Gold SL turbo - Sold to Steve
Black 88 Exec - Sold to JC
Bluebird TRX
VN Wagon
VS Sedan
TG Gemini Wagon
TE Gemini Sedan
TG Gemini Sedan
TD Gemini Sedan
LH Torana - Recently sold
LX Torana
87 Manual VL - Recently sold to CR4SH
88 VL Skid Pig -
VG Ute
VY Exec
NK Pajero

Lots more VL's in there but i never got to drive them so can't include them, probably some other ****heaps in amongst there to.
LX Torana Hatch
TD SLE Gemini
VP Berlina 5.0 Wagon
TG Gemini V6
GQ Ti Patrol - Still own
Hilux 4x4 V6 Conversion - Still own
Hilux 4x4 308
R32 Skyline
HX Kingswood 308 - Still own
VN V6 Manual
VR BT1 - Still Own

Noticed there is a heap missing from my original post to, so just picking up from the Pajero haha
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