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Went and bought all my paint supplies yesterday. Opted for protecs premium range. 7 litres of Porsche arena red pearl metallic basecoat, 3 litres GM mx grey metallic, 4 litres of satin black, few litres of clear, 20 litres of 2k thinners, and some high fill primer, epoxy primer and reducer.

Hoping to have the wagon in paint by the years end. It's getting the rust cut out and the engine bay sandblasted this month so I'll be starting on the body once i get it back home.

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Cut out the old cowl panel with rust in it. Started cutting rust out of passenger side drip tray. ready to be plated soon. Considering cutting out drain hole panel and making up a custom drain hole. Possibly twin drain into a stainless Y-piece drain pipe or just have one elongated drain hole for even drainage on slopes.

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Underbody has been sanded since these photo's where taken. Today i'm going to coat the underbody in epoxy primer and seam seal the underbody with some 227 sikaflex. Then next day off I'm going to give it all a light sand and lay down some underbody deadener and 2k satin black. I was considering mini tubbing the rear first, but it seems that will require too much stuffing around with modifying the back seat and brackets. Would have liked to fit some decent rubber and convo pro's under there!

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New rims. Will probably fit reconditioned vlt hubcaps or just repaint the rims silver.
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