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Found another way of making a vt booster adapter bracket from the one on a vs plastic booster..always knew about it but never considered it as I had the older way using a pre vs bracket fully worked out but nowdays its getting harder and harder to find the old brackets so I sused out the vs bracket and found that there was a little less cutting and welding work but still precision to get it to fit.
You have to drill 4 x 5/16 holes 80mm across and 60mm down in the base to accept the studs of the vt booster.Mounting holes on original bracket are offset and not square with cylinder so you have to turn the vs bracket anti clockwise so mounting studs on new booster square up so when mounted up the master cylinder is square and top of reservoir is level. This will give you a small margin to file the holes a poofteenth to fit. 2 of the 4 holes end up being very close to the edge of the bracket so some filling out to get clearance for the nuts to clear is required could just bolt it up and it would probably be ok but I reckon you need to weld a plate on the bottom for strength and to give it a professional look. I have seen on Ebay a complete setup and I this is how the bracket is done (- the plate) and he is quick to pat himself on the back but in his pictures of it he is careful not to show the bracket as its this easy.
I have sold many setups on this site and on ebay from time to time and sell them at much less money but I dont hide anything and always give enough info that if you have enough confidience and think you can do it.... save yourself some money(lots) and do it yourself. You still have to weld up and redrill the pushrod hole in the booster you use but that isnt a major deal with some welding skills and patience.

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