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Originally Posted by TuxedoCal View Post
Well Done Craig, the attention to detail is incredible. I remember sending a PM to your earlier this year and asking for pics of your tuxedo VL as I have a tuxedo VLC and we both live in SA. Yesterday someone posted to this thread which alerted me to your build on this thread so I read through it all. Makes me feel like I should be motivated to do my car but it won't compare to the brilliance you have achieved with your Tuxedo VL SL Turbo. I'm a Holden man through and through but I spent 16years working at Mitsubishi vehicle manufacturing at Tonsley building Magna's and Mitsi 380's before they closed. Looking at the stages of your build brought back memories of my time building cars on the production line. I worked in Quality control for several years at Mitsi and we used to check over brand new Ford's and Holden's at the time and neither of their factory finishes compared to the Mitsi build quality but no-one wanted to buy the Mitsi product. I understand though, because I would much rather buy a Holden with all their years of race heritage/product styling/cult following etc. Looking at your thread I would say your build quality is off the charts and wouldn't be the norm for a car off of the production line at the time. Once again, well done and I hope to see your Tuxedo VL in person one day
I did a stint in quality control too at Mitsubishi’s, you should have seen some of the stuff I was forced to send out the door by my bosses. Even when I was at Holden’s - same deal (most cars had 20 defects on average - that was passable).
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