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Production line defects

Originally Posted by calaist5 View Post
I did a stint in quality control too at Mitsubishi’s, you should have seen some of the stuff I was forced to send out the door by my bosses. Even when I was at Holden’s - same deal (most cars had 20 defects on average - that was passable).
Hello again Craig,

Small world, I was in Mitsi Qual Control approx late 90's to early 2000's and yes there were a certain amount of small defects that were passable however Mitsi was very fussy with trim fitment and correct gaps and flush fittings of parts against other parts and panels of the car. Even every single rental car was sent down the Qual Inspection Line as Mitsi wanted anyone who rented a car to be pleasantly surprised by the build quality of the car and potentially become a buyer. A few people left the Mitsi factory and worked at Holden's production line. I new the writing was on the wall for Mitsi/Ford/Toyota manufacturing in Australia but I always hoped Holden would last through the tough times. Oh well, times change but it makes me more sentimental about the older cars like my VL Calais and LJ Torana. Regards, Chris
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