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how do you make adsense work on weebly

Does anyone know if photocopying an article out of a magzine would be considered copyright infringement? Thanks :-). Okay, now that I see some of the answers I'm going to add some details. What if I bought the magazine myself, made the copies to keep for myself, but then gave the magazine to a friend (not for money)? Thanks..

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I've been looking high and low, and it seems that most liberal arts schools are populated by heavy drinkers and partiers, which I am not interested in. If I can, I'd like to double major in creative writing and journalism.. Thank you!.

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I need some very creative ideas that will loosen up the atmosphere as my students are very serious. Any word games or writing games are appreciated!.

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I need to earn a little extra money and I am a very opinionated person so I feel like writing blogs would be a good start to making some extra cash. I am a full time college student and I also have a $20 hour a week job but I am still having problems making ends meet. Thanks for any help!.

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What is the best free software to automatically backup wordpress database and files?

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I don't see a prompt or indication about how to start writing a blog. I want to know how to initiate one. Thank you..

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Can Wordpress host a guide to a mmorpg game with probably hundreds of pages?

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Sign up form for Joomla without all the bells and whistles?

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How can I best copyright protect stories and articles on my writing website? I know you can insert a copyright symbol, but can this COMPLETELY protect against somebody copying and pasting your stuff and claiming that it is theirs?.
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