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Work finally commencing again on this pos wagon! (have had big health issues that have thrown a massive spanner in the works but going to get this done no matter what).

recently cut the stock spring seats of the rails and sold the factory diff to make way for the 9" diff and 4 link setup. Looking at the weld in mcdonald bro's kit and run a 255 tyre. will see how much I can work the rails without cutting to give room for a 275 tyre in the future, If it happens it happens. I'm not too fussed.

Then have to replace whole drivers side headlight support panel as I wasn't happy with a repair I found on the original one that must have been replaced after a minor bingle. That along with a couple ****ty rust repair sections and I should be good to throw some panels back on and start gapping panels and prepping for paint etc. the "fun" ****...

Also have scrapped the idea of building an RB for it for the time being. Exploring some better options and throwing the RB stuff into the other VL
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