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Originally Posted by TuxedoCal View Post
Such a shame to see an SV88 get like the above pictures that Calaist5 has posted. I checked out the full advert on Gumtree and the whole car is a sorry state, looks like it was pretty ordinary when it was put in storage and that is probably why only the interior stuff was stolen. Would be good to see someone buy it and rebuild it, I'd hate to see an SV88 never see the road again.
My uncle in law in SA had his SV88 stolen several times and the last time it was recovered the insurance company paid him out and sold the remainder of the car at auction, not sure if it ever got back on the road. I always wanted one but unfortunately never had the funds for one. I missed a great one in a car yard in SA back in early 2000's for about $14000 and it was immaculate. Most of the one's that come up for sale now are very expensive. Not sure if the guy selling the SV88 in the advert listed above would actually get $30k for what he has left of the car to sell.
he would be lucky to get half the asking in my opinion, nothing against the owner or the car but it needs a full rebuild/resto, trim, steering wheels etc etc, we are talking 20k for body and paint to get it mint, then another 10k for trim etc and then allow another 10-15k for odds and ends so another 40+ on top of the purchase price.....
Again in my opinion only I think you could buy one turn key for 50? Thoughts?
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