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Best way to replace 304 alternator

Hey guys just making this thread for people who are having trouble finding 304 v8 alternators.

If you have a 304 and the alternator is playing up there is another way to get a cheap replacement. Take off your old alt that is playing up, go to a local wreckers and get a 3.8 v6 alt off a wreck. Make sure to get the newest looking one, once you get them both together take the pulley off the 304 and mount it on the 3.8 alternator.

I've done this today and spent $48 dollars from pick a part and saved at least $100.
My car works fine and is charging the battery great.

The only difference is you will need a bolt for the alternator adjuster with a nut on the end of it.
Also the brush unit is a little bit higher then the original. though you only need to pull it over more to make it reach.

Hope this helps good luck. PM me if you need anymore info.
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