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Vl Berlina Turbo Build

Thought it was about time i started a build thread for my car, even though a lot of work has already been done. I'll upload pictures from various points in time, at which the car has been at different stages, and will keep it updated as more work is completed.

Car was originally an n/a 3L berlina, which was bought by a family member. I then bought it, at which point it needed a new head put on, and a new windscreen. Apart from this the car was pretty much 100% original, even having the original radio, clutch and spare tyre still fitted.

After buying two dud rb30 heads it seemed there no good ones around, so it was decided that it would be easier to simply put a replacement motor in, at which point a low k (62,000) rb25det was bough and fitted.

Within a few months i had a new windscreen in, and due to the idiot who took the screen out making a mess i decided to give the roof a respray. At the same time i decided that a smoothed engine bay would be worth doing now rather than later. So i stripped the bay to bare metal, and smoothed it myself-pretty happy with the results (especially for the first go).

As you'll be able to see in the photo's, the car received a Greddy *cough style* front facing plenum, matching fuel rail, and 80mm throttle body. However a big turning point for the build came when a new Master Power GT42 turbo(1.06 from what i remember), 60mm Turbosmart wastegate, and Turbosmart BOV were purchased.

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