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Originally Posted by CHRGD6 View Post
Man, what material is that on the inside? Not a pattern that looks familiar... is it standard?
Yeh man all original. I've only ever had the covers off once, but when I get the car back i'll take some pics of the seats.

Cheers trkdup.

So to clear the brakes I needed some bigger wheels.

Bought a genuine set of VE GTS's a little while ago, and just picked up a genuine set of VX GTS's as well.


Like the VE's a lot more so putting them on. Had just got them painted silver, but don't think they suit the car, so back to the painters they go. Trial fitted the rear 9.5's and they fit nicely.

And some more parts from the powder coaters:

Like with the diff, the parts look awesome! Can't have asked for much more from the powder coater.

Just dropped the car off to get some work done, can't wait to get it back.
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