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Oh how the years just slip away...

**Large post alert**

After losing a lot of love for this car, I went and got engaged to my mrs
Knowing that time was running out on random projects like this, i decided to make every effort to get it finished and drive it to my wedding.

The biggest problem with this goal was deciding that it would be a fantastic idea to do a proper split twin system exhaust. For old commodores, the fuel tank is in the way on drivers side and the spare wheel hump is blocking the passenger side.
This decision meant scrapping the already installed fuel system, sourcing a new custom tank or fuel cell and panel work to the boot floor.
Hoping it would be worth it, we set to work looking at how we could mount an under boot fuel tank with decent internal fuel surge protection whilst allowing twin exhaust clearance and using factory fuel filling point

After a few drafts and working with Josh from metalcraft (what a legend) we came up with this: Vid1 Vid2

Obviously this meant almost a complete reboot against a tough deadline (wedding!) everything started to slowly come together.

Josh also made us some hidden radiator overflow and wiper tanks:

Then off for some quick panel beating, the boys at Fusion Customs did a fantastic job replacing the boot floor and deleting the spare wheel hump:

Now there was enough room for Tim @Forged Automotive to weld up a sweet custom stainless twin 3" exhaust including x pipe and 4 mufflers:

Back to fusion for some beaver panel mods and the bumper was sent off for plastic welding then painted.

Had a good mate help us with the tidy wiring setup - 2x plugs hidden behind the engine will make for easy removal!

Some last minute issues led to panic and taking the week before the wedding off work running around as a parts mule for Tim @Forged Automotive.
Thankfully everything came good a day or two before and we cruised down to Nanga without a hitch (although well prepared for one!!)

And back home safe! Drove like a dream.

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