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I was planning to use E85 fuel I actually thought the injectors would be good for 400rwkw pushing much more ive been warned my rods will require upgrading.

As for clutches ive got a OS Giken twin plate button that I need to get rebuilt but in the meantime im using a 10" Excedy HD cushion button clutch, I know im asking the length of a piece of string here but if im gentle coming off the line is it likely to hold the power once ive got the foot to the floor.

Anyone selling a tailshaft for a R33 gearbox in a R31?

And one more question, LS1 coil packs, are they any good? ive had issues igniting the fuel at 20+psi when I was using 8.3:1 comp with the standard coil packs. Im not a fan of the splitfire price tag.
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