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Originally Posted by boosted_wagon View Post
Can't u just run the balance line from the plenum to the converters, with mine I've just run 2x 8mm hose 1 to each converter with a y peice and 12mm hose to the plenum
you can, but remember the whole point of feeding boost to the converter is to allow the flow of gas to raise appropriately under boost conditions. If you are taking your feed from the plenum you are subject to any pressure loss through the cooler and piping. You may get away with it, just means that if you did need that extra 'headroom' of boost going into the converter, you likely can't get it by taking the ref from the plenum. From just near the cooler outlet is considered the best starting point as you get all the boost available (ie none is lost through the cooler etc). This is where I have mine - an dash 8 hose to near the converters then split into 2 dash 8 hoses, one for each
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