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This is regarding when was the LAST Walky ever sold.
The answer IS from a small town about 40mins away from where i live
called Walla Walla, with a population of lessthan 1000 people.
The Walky was never sold, untill about a year and a half ago and it WAS the ONLY
walky in australia that still didnt have names in the owners book (or service manual or whatever it is called) and from memory i think it only had about 500kms on it (driven once in a while to keep the thing in working order).
The Town Walla Walla is about 40 mins north east of Albury/Wodonga.
The Walky was sold to a collector in SA, not sure of the exact pprice but it was for aroud the $50k mark. He hired a truck drove the truck over and put the walky on the back and drove back to SA.
This was the last walky to be sold, it had never had an owner beforehand, it had just been sitting in the dealership.

Sorry about the long post.
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