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Car: Vlt BT1 (KNRYME) & Ford feista zeteck the one on roids
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Vlt Bt1 - Canry Yellow (KNRYME)

The orginal owners name on this fourm was ylojet

Specs -


Stage 3 Cam (Specs Unkown High Lift Short Duration )

Forged Bottom End

Has 3:73 LSD and strengthened diff , 5 Speed Manual with a Brass Buttion Cluch

Interiour Retrimed - Nice blue with trimmed bucket seats (geting new front seats and bolsterd rear)

Small Old Sterio (To Be Replaced ) with a Massive System ( Alpine Or PP)

The Paints Awsome but it needs a few touch ups

Needs a full re-spray down the track and the bay smoothed

New Ceptors with crome dish inserts 15X7

Future Mods :

Full RE-Spray and Smoothed Bay

Boost set at 10psi to 14psi on Stock pc ( just need a good fuel pump 044 and nice new injectors) , The 3 inch dump that came wit it , K & N , Custom Hidden Dose pipe , Full Tune , Port the plenium and put my XF throttle Body On it .

Batrey back in the boot (is in the front beacuse we where trouble shooting the wireing loom witch was repalced with another one )

Any one got any moe suggestions on easy mods that the jacks wont get me for like hideing the boost control ( under the wheel arch or in the fuse box ) ???

my goal is 2 run 12s on the street and try not to get ****ed ( Gonna be hard but i wanna trip them out with good fabrication and heaps of hidden stuff ? )

Updated Engine bay

few more clean ups to do

Now with Gktech Kit is on i hopeing for her 2 run a little cooler and get sum air box flutter happening
soon 2 hise the afm on the cooelr pipe after epa and roady

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