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Originally Posted by Jet R31
Crap on adam , i would rather have a old R31 skyline with 5 different colour
red panels anyday! , Imagine one of the exotics with some forced induction, and while i am at it..a big bag of coke....a cola

LOL Dazz, I would rather the performance side of things from my old VLT, just wished it looked like that guys Ferrari 355!!......BUT, there is a NUTS Ferrare 355 in Vic, built by NIZPRO. It runs twin BB turbos with external w/gates. Looking at the engine, its done so well, you wouldn't even know. He's used all black piping, and teh "stealth series" turbosmart external w/gates, just uses those silver heat shields. On like 10psi on pump fuel with standard 18" ferrari wheels/tyres,(rears-285's??) it ran a 1st pass of 11.2@128mph!! Last i heard it was running mid 10's @ 130+mph!! now thats how they should be FACTORY, for the money they cost!!. I've got pics of it, if anyone can host??
Its been in ZOOM mag, not al that long ago as well.

Corran, i'm sure Alex's car does go round n round too(very quickly like you said) as would yours, Jet-R31's, my old VLT and few others ive missed out, BUT........we both know i'm talking around corners, not donuts!!

But, yeah, he would've been extremly pissed off, all these guys that own these cars think they are the fastest things on the road, thats the problem.
Well done anyway Alex, at least he wasn't rude prick like most, although he would've been shattered!!

I remember i raced this guy down anzac, in a Porsche 930 turbo, he thought he was killer, mind you, i wouldn't have minded the hot chick he had in the front seat!! i smashed this thing, i knew i would, he was talking it up at the lights, saying you wish your holden could keep up!! I thought you rude rich
wankr, i then replied with a plain "we'll see hey" i absolutely made him look stupid, i slowed down for him, to hear his excuses, even the hot chick was laughing!! How much of tool did he look like!! _i'll never forget that.

Anyways.......glad to hear the VLT's & R31's are ruling the streets of Adelaide.

Anyone seen Kier Wilsons new Balck Lamborghini Gallardo?? been toidl it has the #plate- (V10)-
Apparently he drives it like they should be driven too, HARD!! mind you that would feel so slow to 8 & ( second GTR's)!!

AHHHH, would be nice to have that much $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

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