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New kid on the block!!

Hi everyone!

My names Albie, Im 21 and I live in Mangere(Dirty South Auckland). I bought my first VL last year in September and Ive loved it ever since! Always wanted a Holden, but love my turbos and the reliable RB motor. Then came across a VL turbo one day on trademe and thought 'WIN, WIN'. I picked my car up pretty cheap but it ran like ****, still not running mint but Ive fixed alot of little annoying issues to get the car to actually drive properly. The car is still a F**K tonne of fun though! Fully fell in love with my car and I'll never go back, only onwards and upwards from here!

P.S. I work with Matt aka ZOO222 and I always see him on this so I thought I'd get involved haha

Heres a few details of my car:

1988 Holden VL Commodore GTS(thats what its registered as but not 100% sure if it is a GTS)

RB20DET engine installed by 'Hori Performance'! LOL
T04e turbo with wastegate port blocked off
Full 3" exhaust with Flowmaster before diff
Wasted Spark setup
Front mounted intercooler
HKS pod filter
RB20det gearbox
4.11 diff with LSD(installed just before xmas last year cause I slammed the rear end into a curb, perfect excuse to get rid of the single spinner)
All Certed so I can go nuts!

Walkinshaw front bumper
18" Monaro rims with 215/35s in front and 225/40s in rear
Jamex SuperLows
Sportline 10" steering wheel
Monster Tacho
Autometer boost gauge

Up and coming mods:
SpeedLab ECU chip and dyno tune
Install WRX seats I have at home, just need to make up some rails
38mm wastegate on the turbo housing port
440cc injectors

Future mods(dreams):
RB25/30DET build with 400kw in mind
New paint job
RB25det BigBox
Heavy Duty clutch
Complete interior makeover
And the list goes on haha . . .

Really keen to get some cruises/meets organised to get the car scene back up to what it was back in the day, and I love to get my hands dirty and help out where I can if anyone needs it. I'll try get some pics up ASAP when I figure out how to do it, and cant wait to see some REAL VLs!


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