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Originally Posted by craig View Post
Hey mate, sounds like it's my old GTS. I owned it from 1997 to 2002 was a red GTS and is a gen car.

I converted it to a rb20 det in 1999.

I sold the car in 2002 to a good mate who sold it to the guy who painted it purple etc.

I put a MOMO equipped badge on the glove box if it's stll there......

Lotta good times and history in that car!
Haha hey mate! Yeah this is definitely your old car! STILL got the MOMO equipped badge on the glove box haha thats cool man nice to meet the guy who got this car started. Dont know what the car was like when you had it but it drove like a sack of S**T when I bought it off the last owner, he didnt take care of the car but its in capable hands now. Might see you around mate, we'll be at V8s and classics this weekend in Kumeu if your going.

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