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Hey guys

My car has always had a miss since I bought it and I could never find the cause so Im turning to you boys to get some ideas. Its hard to explain but I'll try my best to give as much info as I can. Heres a few symptoms:

-Will never start first pop if its been parked up for more than 6hours. On the first turn itll wind but wont turn over, on the next turn it'll pop but wont start, then on the third or forth turn it'll pop and splutter until it idles.
-Will start first pop if it hasnt been sitting for long.
-When I put my foot straight down it'll retard then suddenly take off like there was a pipe clogged then all of a sudden it clears, at this time the boost pressure is steady so Ive ruled out that its a vacuum leak but I could be wrong.
-At low range of revs itll sometimes miss then pick up but drives fine over 2000revs.

Possible causes:
-Fuel tank clogged, Im planning to drop the tank and clean it next week.
-Blocked fuel lines, Ive used heaps of fuel system cleaner and changed the fuel filter. Opened the old filter and it wasnt too bad.
-Wasted spark setup playing up
-ECU, might need a tune for wasted spark and bigger turbo
-Injectors(Ive used heaps of injector cleaner to no avail)

Thats all I can think of but theres too many angles to try attack this so if you guys have any ideas Id love to hear them cos Im tired of chasing my tail! Ask me anything and I'll try answer it as best I can.

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