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Originally Posted by VLPSI355 View Post
This is 1 piece of workman ship m8,Its got the looks,power and time slips what more could u want..Well done aZ credit to you
Its inspired me to finish off my 383 single turbo build for my vl calais,So i might be asking u a few questions about manifold design an turbo size if you dont mind
VLPSI355, thanks, more than happy to share my experiences with turbo sizing etc, ask away.

Originally Posted by Marzella View Post
Nicee car mate

Is there any efficiency/performance difference between the bosch 'green giant' 42lb injector you are running to the older 'green top' style? Is it worth buying the later style for the extra couple $$.. thanks
Marzella, in theory, the Bosch EV6 injector has better atomisation and at a wider range of rail pressures, ie they're quite happy to operate at 30psi upto about 150psi, where as the EV1 style injector is designed to run at a certain pressure and works best at that pressure, having said that in the real world as long as you run the EV1 at a pressure somewhere near where it was designed for, there really is less than a bee's dik in it.
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