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Have been busy doing researches and developments on the ATR43SS series turbochargers. You can find all the latest results and WIP projects from our SAU thread at: romsearch__1

Brief capture of what it is:
This turbocharger is made to have the best street driving ability as possible while producing the target torque, HP and response based on RB25det. We can produce larger housings or other combinations suiting RB30et or DET.

They run the latest FNT turbine housing developments which are engineered to reduce flat spots at wide or partially opened throttle, and produce a very linear power / torque delivery. On road driver feels the raw G force from the moment they step in acceleration that carries on strong and stronger as the engine revs towards red line.

Dyno readings from current released ATR43SS-1, SS1.5, SS2

ATR43SS-1. This turbo is engineered for 250rwkws on Rb25det with stock alike turbo response.

ATR43SS1PU. This turbo is engineered for responsive 280rwkws on Rb25det.

ATR43SS-2. This is engineered for a responsive 300rwkws with linear power delivery on a Rb25det.

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