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The thing with going solid is that driveability and economy goes out the window.

Changing from the standard manifold, the same problems happen, as well as it being very obvious to police, so taking advantage of the standard banana manifold is the best place to start.

Vavletrain is the expensive bit.

I have a couple of thousand dollars worth of holden v8 valvetrain sitting in my cupboard.

Stick to small torquey cam; under .500" lift, so you don't need roller rockers, pushrods, guide plates etc.

Keep it around 218* duration @ .050", so as not to out-breathe the standard manifold.

Assuming you already have a good exhuast and gearbox. If not, do those things first. Twin 2.5", and a built auto or healthy manual with a good organic clutch.

So something like this:

LT1 Valve springs, new collets and retainers: $ 188

Gasket set $ 130

Clean up around throats and bowls with die grinder (aka 'street port') $ Free if you have a die grinder and patience

Match port manifolds to heads $ Free if you have a die grinder and patience

Lifters $ 90

Cam - 214/222 split duration cam, 112 lsa, .490"/.500" lift, something like those specs: The Wade 1522C1536B $ 220

Double row timing chain $ 160

Reconditioned blue top injectors $170


"Holden V8 355ci forged piston stroker kit, "I" beam 4340 steel con rods, nodular cast crank fully balanced assembly, Probe forged pistons (several compression ratio choices), rod and main bearings, moly piston rings...$2200.00 delivered in Australia." - Come Racing or similar

Tune, machining and assembly depends on your own skills and connections.

If you can't do any of it, you're looking at about $3000 for the parts you cant do.

There is also consumables, like 15-20 litres of oil + filters, break in lube etc.

Total cost ~ $ 3200 if you already have a good exhaust, gearbox, and other serviceable items like distributor, fuel pump etc. and can do the machining, assembly and tuning yourself.

The result:


standard looking engine except for exhaust, lopey idle, and stall converter (if auto, dont waste money on anything bigger than a standard one reco'd to ~ 2200rpm, or you'll go slower, and waste the torque available.)

A car that will easily run 12's all day on pump fuel (92 unleaded if you wish)

Will be very difficult for the jacks to pin, as the exhaust is the only non standard item visible.

Massive driveability

Retain reasonable economy by using less revs.

Tell people it just has a small cam

Enjoy cheap plentiful holden v8 parts

etc, etc.

Assuming you can't do any of it yourself, and your car is standard; $6000-7000 for engine, machining, assembly and tuning, $2000 for gearbox and stall converter, $1000 for a good twin 2.5" exhaust Brings total up to $9000-10,000, if you can't do any of the work yourself, and don't already have a good gearbox, exhaust and other items to start with.
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